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Nucleus is the only leading management consulting firm in Pokhara, established on 21 July 2016, with the aim to provide the positive difference in our clients financial, strategic, operational and organizational results.

VISION: We provide a platform for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to think differently about their endeavours and provide a path to lead the changes they want to see in their businesses.

MISSION: To help new and existing businesses grow , improve work efficiency and increase productivity by planning, monitoring and recommending the best course of action to achieve desired goals of their business.

Our Services

As a management consulting firm, we provide assistance to our client organization in improving their performance by focusing on their most critical issue and opportunities.In short, we offer services across all areas of business - from HR and marketing, to IT and Finance

Strategy Consulting

Digital Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Functional Strategy

Organizational Strategy

Operations Consulting

Finance, Outsourcing

Organizational operations

Research & Development

Sourcing & Procurement

HR Consulting

HR function

HR Analytics

HR technology

Compensation & Benefit

IT Consulting

IT performance improvement

Technology Transformation

IT project effectiveness

Marketing Consulting

Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness

Online Marketing

Key strength of Nucleus

  • • Pokhara’s only management consulting firm.
  • • Young enthusiastic team with members from diverse backgrounds.
  • • Experience of starting, growing and building businesses from scratch.
  • • Hungry to prove ourselves and make a difference.

Clients list

Why choose us?

Nucleus is one of the pioneer company in the field of management consulting and only management consulting company in Pokhara. We do believe in our success with the success of our client’s business. No doubt, we lend our hand to our clients to take them to the next level of growth and effectiveness. With our professional team, excellence has always been our grade.

  • • Ease of collaboration with young team of enthusiasts.
  • • Eagerness to fulfill your desired changes.
  • • We see things differently and find a way for you to take advantage.
  • • We keep up with current market trends and make sure you are on the bandwagon.


Meet our team

Sudip Dawadi


Niraj Gurung


Navraj Sharma


Avi Nepali

Outreach & Purchase Manager


Honesty & Integrity, Reliability , Innovation ,Cooperation and Continuous Improvement.

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S.No Date No. of Days Remarks
1 Baisakh 1, 2076 1 New Year
2 Baisakh 18, 2076 1 Labor Day
3 Jestha 4,2076 1 Buddha Jayanti
4 Asoj 3, 2076 1 Constitution Day
5 Asoj 18, 2076 - To - Asoj 22, 2076 5 Dashain Holidays
6 Kartik 10, 2076 - To - Kartik 12, 2076 3 Tihar Holidays
7 Fagun 9, 2076 1 Mahashivaratri
8 Falgun 25, 2076 1 International Women Day(women's only)
9 Falgun 26, 2076 1 Fagu Poornima

Note: The Office remains closed during Saturdays.

Our location

Pokhara Office

Bagale-tole 8,
Pokhara, Nepal
+977 061 521 025
For any business inquiry : +977 061 521 025

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